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Runner Runner
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Nsync Essentials
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love never felt so good
Release : May 13, 2014
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not a bad thing
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The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2
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Justin Timberlake was meant for fatherhood. The Gossip Table reports that the extremely busy performer took time out of his hectic schedule to give his wifeJessica Biel a hand with their one-month-old son Silas Randall.

Like any other mom talking care of their newborn, Jessica reportedly got a bit overwhelmed and overtired, and was in need of a little break. We’re hearing her husband took days off to be a full-time dad, freeing up his wife to do whatever she wanted. The couple continues to love parenthood, and an insider reveals toInTouch Weekly that they were “made to be parents.”

You’ve seen Justin Timberlake as a piece of tofu, you’ve seen him as a lime, you’ve seen him as a young boy scout — but you’ve never seen him as a pile of Rubik’s Cubes (I mean, you might’ve. I don’t know you.) Well, today’s your lucky day.

Here’s Justin Timberlake made out of Rubik’s Cubes, made by a clever Polish group calledRubiArt.

rubiks3-1432132890 rubiks-1432132885


We’ll mrs timberlake finally gets to celebrate Mother’s Day for herself, with the little peanut. Hopefully justin is treating her to some goodies as well.

and to all the other mothers, have a very nice Mother’s Day. I am celebrating with my mother next weekend due to the fact that I’m broke this week and my younger sister is still at the dorm. But when she gets home we shall treat mom to some Mother’s Day festivities.

Love always – Jess

Justin is as smooth as they get, so why would his tequila be any different ?

dear fans,

as you may have noticed there have been no updates and or media being uploaded within the last two months, thus being I got into some legal trouble. Everything is ok now, and the site can now continue as it was. I have a payment to make before the gallery can be posted again, so that will have to wait until next week! (im broke lol). but I deeply apoligize for the break, but it was out of my control.

please continue to visit, and all will be better in the near future. love you all!

- jess

Justin Timberlake and his wife, actress Jessica Biel have reportedly hired two gay male nannies to take care of their newborn son.

The It’s Not a Bad Thing singer and the 32-year-old actress welcomed their first child, Silas Randall Timberlake last month.

According to a new report in OK! magazine, Biel did not want any other women around Justin.

“Jessica hired two gay male nannies she knows through friends and is having them rotate schedules,” a source told the publication. “She didn’t want any Swedish nannies around Justin.” 

“[Justin] is in there too, changing diapers and gushing to everyone he knows that Silas is already a little angel,” the insider added.

Justin had previously shared the first photo of Silas along with Biel on Instagram.

You really don’t want to miss the video of Justin Timberlake with a big bulbous green head.

He’s a lime, see, in an extended Internet advert for Sauza 901, his own brand of tequila.

Well, he doesn’t make it, he just imports it. But this ad is sheer genius. Just Google”Timberlake lime.” I haven’t tried this stuff but it’s 100 per cent agave, so it’s real tequila. On the other hand, the ad shows it served on the rocks, which I don’t quite get. The “unique selling proposition” is that 901′s so good no lime is needed.

Trouble disappears: Chris Brown’s latest legal trouble? After his basketball-court brawl in Las Vegas that I described yesterday? Poof ! It’s gone away.

Turns out the Dull Normal who filed the complaint has voluntarily withdrawn it, so legally this never happened.

There is no reason to suspect Brown bought his way out of trouble, and it would be wrong to suggest that.

Myst on Hulu: Those of us who were addicted to the computer game Myst in the 1990s will be interested in the plans for a TV series set in that world.

Unfortunately, it’s going to be on Hulu, which isn’t currently available in Canada.

Evan Daugherty, the writer on Divergent, will be in charge of the script.

It’s goooood to be rich: Miley Cyrus, age 22, has just spent $5 million for a “boomerang-shaped” two-storey ranch-style home in Hidden Hills, in western Los Angeles, Variety reports. We’re talking five bedrooms, 5½ bathrooms.

Healthy mom: Zooey Deschanel, expecting her first child (with boyfriend Jacob Pechenik) says she won’t be one of those ridiculously skinny new moms: “Haven’t we all seen those pictures of a sexy new mom in a bikini after one month? I will not be that person,” she tells Cosmopolitan mag. “I’ve … never been someone who had the need to be super skinny. I like a healthy look.”

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