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Runner Runner
Release : 2014
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Nsync Essentials
Release : July 29, 2014
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love never felt so good
Release : May 13, 2014
Peak Chart Position : #20
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not a bad thing
Release : 2/24/2014
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The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2
Release : 9/30/2013
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honoring the man responsible for how fabulous JT looks in a suit, Justin and other celebrities gathered in Hollywood last night for the Tom Ford Gala.

Justin Timberlake attends amfAR LA Inspiration Gala honoring Tom Ford at Milk Studios on October 29, 2014 in Hollywood, California.

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Wifey was not on his arm for the event, Rumor has it that Mrs.T is expecting ….. we shall have to see!

He’s been bringing sexy back since 2006, and last night was no exception.

Before Justin Timberlake’s first New Zealand show at Vector Arena, my mum texted me. “That’s so cool!,’ she said, when she found out I was going. “After Michael Jackson, he is the best.”



Timberlake’s track record is certainly impressive. After smashing out hits like Cry me a River and Rock your Body, the pop star took a five-year break to focus on making movies before last year’s record The 20/20 Experience became the best selling album of 2013.

Wearing a black shirt with white lightning bolts, black pants, white sneakers and that trademark fedora hat, Timberlake strolled onto stage and launched straight into song.

Backed by his band the Tennessee Kids, and accompanied by a troupe of dancers, he strutted, shimmied, crooned, and belted out hit after hit during a high-energy set that lasted almost two hours.

From the second song, Rock your Body, Timberlake had the crowd on their feet. A 3D digital landscape rolled behind him, flicking from close-ups to his band and him, to futuristic machinery and patterns.

There wasn’t much time wasted on chit-chat. Apart from the odd “Did you come here to party tonight, Auckland?” the show was mostly about that voice, and those sweet, sweet dance moves.

One lucky girl in the crowd looked like she was going to pass out when Timberlake announced it was her 21st birthday, and got down off the stage to get a selfie with her. It was kind of cute that she tried to fix her hair before Timberlake took the shot.

The audience was a real mix of ages, and there were probably only slightly more girls than guys. One dude showed his age (or was it concert-going nous?) when, during a song when Timberlake asked the crowd to raise their cellphones, he raised a lighter and continued to take photos with his smartphone. Now that’s thinking.

At Perth Arena, the stage moved to sail Timberlake across the room. There were no such bells and whistles here, and it would have been nice to have some kind of extension out into the crowd, like he did in 2007.

Timberlake’s musical skills were showcased when he played a couple of songs – including hit Senorita – on piano himself, along with a remix of What Goes Around…Comes Around on the guitar.

“I just love you guys so much. I promise it won’t be seven more years,” he said, before closing with Suit & Tie.

Only, of course he wasn’t done. After being stomped back on to stage, he finished with Sexy Back and one of his newest hits, Mirrors.

A slick show, by one of the biggest pop stars of our generation. And there was barely a crotch-grab in sight.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have begun legal proceedings in Ireland over an article that appeared in Heat magazine, according to the Irish Independent. Biel and Timberlake are alleging defamation in relation to a story and picture that was in last month’s edition of the publication.

The article apparently contained quotes attributed to Biel. Although a British publication, Heat is also sold in Ireland and throughout Europe and published by a German company.

Entertainment pointed out that due to the nature of the suit, the site could not republish the article in question or describe its contents. Glasgow’s Evening Times reported that the suit was filed with the High Court in Dublin against the Bauer Media Group, which publishes Heat. The Evening Times quoted the couple’s lawyer, Paul Tweed of Johnsons Solicitors, with regards to the filings.

The paper also noted the claims were filed separately — one on behalf of Timberlake and one on behalf of Biel. Tweed said it could take more than a year before the case actually goes to trial.

As the Irish Times notes, the couple are celebrating their second wedding anniversary this month. They were married October 2012 in Puglia, Italy. The high-profile couple is frequently in the media, including on the pages of The Inquisitr.

The Irish Times describes Tweed as an international media lawyer and reports Johnsons Solicitors will represent Biel and Timberlake in proceedings throughout Europe. Despite the potential for delay in the commencement of court proceedings, the Irish Times quotes Tweed as wanting a quick resolution to the suit.

According to Biography, Biel was acting and modeling as a pre-teen before landing on the family drama 7th Heaven at the age of 14. She was in the series from its debut until departing in its sixth season. Since then, she has had a variety of film roles, including Valentine’s Day and the 2012 reboot of Total Recall. Biel is 32.

Timberlake was similarly a child performer, appearing on The Mickey Mouse Club and as a member of the boy band ‘N Sync. He went on to have a successful music career as a solo artist. Timberlake is 33.

The worlds of music and fashion have a longstanding history with each other. Though such partnerships have become overtly saturated nowadays, with almost every recording artist starting their own apparel line in the belief that their musical accomplishments will translate into sales for their clothes, there are some music personalities who measure up. Stars like Victoria Beckham and Jessica Simpson have almost become more famous for their clothes than their vocal talents. Similarly, the William Rast brand founded by Justin Timberlake also understands that successful sales don’t rely on just a name alone.

It makes sense that Beckham and Simpson would walk down the sartorial path, as their road to achieving great success in the music industry seemed to hit a dead end. But Timberlake, one of music’s biggest stars, is unlike the aforementioned songstresses. His albums get immense attention, receive a bevy of accolades and are actually really good. Throwing his hat in the fashion arena would only seem like a hurdle. But the line, just like his music, is, well, actually really good.

Then again, it would appear that the credit should be given to his friend and business partner Trace Ayala and the brand’s design director Marcella Lindeberg. The fall line, sold exclusively at Lord & Taylor, offers a wide range of knits, jackets and premium denim. Though there is nothing revolutionary about the collection per se, it does imbue an overriding cool factor that is hard to miss. It also gives Lord & Taylor a newfound cachet, having a music idol’s clothes on their shelves. But unlike other celebrity-endorsed gear that targets the younger set, William Rast focuses on the wearability and casual ease that are the benchmarks of the Lord & Taylor customer.

How appropriate, then, that the launch of this partnership between William Rast and Lord & Taylor should be a concert of the rooftop of the retailer’s Fifth Avenue store in Manhattan. The event had very little to do with the clothes and more to do with expressing an attitude. Wearing black overalls from the line, musical artist Jessie J staged a performance that really captured the essence of the brand—youthful, edgy, confident and, perhaps more importantly, accessible.



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