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rfuhfug blah jpod videos

Disney summer jam 1999


disney has a summer jam? thats funny

Uploaded the 1999 Disney Channel Summer jam nsync special. Includes performances and behind he scenes interviews with the guys during the summer.

Nsync_Summer_Jam_1.flv Nsync_Summer_Jam_2.flv Nsync_Summer_Jam_3.flv

nsync pay per view videos


back in 1999 way before on demand was a thing, parents everywhere cringed when their children would ask to order a pay per view event. Usually cost $50. well…. I know i drove my parents half insane so they would order it, and then I invited all my friends over because I had the biggest TV. Well, here are the videos from Nsync’s 1999 pay per view concert special live from ft.lauderdale florida.

Nsync2C_Pay_per_view_concert__1.flv Nsync2C_Pay_per_view_concert_2.flv Nsync2C_pay_per_view_concert_4.flv
Nsync2C_pay_per_view_concert_5.flv Nsync2C_pay_per_view_concert_6.flv Nsync2C_pay_per_view_concert_7.flv
Nsync2C_pay_per_view_concert_8.flv Nsync2C_pay_per_view_concert_9.flv Nsync2C_pay_per_view_concert_11.flv




FINALLY added an audio section

with the success of the video site, I decided to go ahead and make an MP3 portion. below are some of the tracks ive added…. click the cover to be brought to the stream.

Timbaland_Ft__Justin_Timberlake_-_Crazy_Girl_5BNew_Single_20095D_HD.mp3 I_just_wanted_you_to_know_28unreleased_track29.mp3 Dance_2night_Madonna_feat_Justin_Timberlake.mp3 Justin_Timberlake_-_If_I_28Ft_T_I_29_-_28HQ29.mp3 Justin_Timberlake_-_Better_Not_Together_5BNEW215D.mp3 work_it.mp3
winner.mp3 until_the_end_of_time_duet_with_beyonce.mp3 the_only_promise_that_remains.mp3 the_nature.mp3 motherlover.mp3 love_dealer.mp3
good_foot.mp3 3_way.mp3 aint_no_doubt_about_it.mp3 give_it_to_me.mp3 01_Track_1.mp3 02_TKO_28Black_Friday_Remix_feat__J_Cole2C_A_AP_Rocky___Pusha_T29.mp3

for these and more check out “Jpod”

Jpod coming soon!!


Later today I will be opening the sites brand new media portion “jpod”, which will feature downloads of all of Justin’s biggest hits as well as some previously unreleased tracks and live recordings! Stay tuned


tv shows and performances


did some searching for these lol. found some cool old videos you may have never seen or maybe havent seen in a while. hope you enjoy!

RARE_Britney_Spears_MTV_Fake_I_D_Club_Special_2000.flv Justin_Timberlake__Like_I_Love_You_live_on_106___park_2002.flv Justin_Timberlake_w-Black_Eyed_Peas-_Pre_Grammy_party.flv
Justin_Timberlake_on_106__Park.flv Justin_Timberlake_feat_Reba_McEntire__-_the_only_promise_that_remains_28live_at_Oprah_19-07-200729.flv Justin_and_the_chair.flv
Justin_Timberlake_-_My_Kind_of_Girl_28feat_Brian_Mcknight29.flv Esmee_Denters_in_the_studio_with_Justin_Timberlake__recording___Outta_Here_.flv Justin_Timberlake_-_reba_session.flv

as always, to view these and others check out the brand new video portion of WOJ

added more videos


yay the video collection is coming along quite nicely i must admit. I spent some time tonight on commercials mostly and also uploaded a few television interviews. check them out in the video gallery.

Andrew_Garfield___Justin_Timberlake_-_Good_Morning_America_Interview.flv Golf_in_America_-_Justin_Timberlake.flv Justin_Timberlake_GMA-My_memphis.flv Justin_Timberlake_s_Tour_of_the_William_Rast_Design_Studio_Video.flv Justin_Timberlake_Movie__2_William_Rast.flv Nsync_Secret_Santa_Commerical.flv

well thats all for today, gotta love those old favorites!

Movies section


I’ve been working hard behind the scenes to make sure the site has everything a fan could need or want. And to give myself (and the server) a break from adding videos I decided to add some regular content.

Today’s additions were to the movie section. Added some information and pictures along with links and other stuff. So be sure to check that out if you haven’t already done so.


– Jess

*Nsync videos


I was feeling nostalgic…

as you all may have noticed I have been putting in a lot of time and hard work as to adding new media to the site. I wanted to also implement nsync footage and interview since afterall Justin was a member lol. So tonight’s focal points are some awesome Nsync tv moments.

NSYNC_Confusing_Moment_With_Jay_Leno.flv Nsync_Summer_Music_Mania_1999.flv
Music_Of_My_Heart_28Live29_-_Gloria_Estefan___N_Sync.flv videoplayback.flv
-Nsync_The_Road_of_Celebrity_part2.flv -NSYNC_on_the_Ananda_Lewis_Show.flv

Tonight’s uploads include some concert footage and performances from the following :

  • pop odyssey live tour
  • nsync live from madison square garden
  • summer music mani 1999
  • nsync live from atlantis
  • mtv’s road to celebrity

and more….. as always check out all these in the video gallery!

Welcome to the absolute best online source for all things Justin Timberlake. Since 2003 we have given fans everything they need to stay in tune with everything JT. Thank you for supporting WoJ!

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love never felt so good
Release : May 13, 2014
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not a bad thing
Release : 2/24/2014
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The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2
Release : 9/30/2013
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