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Runner Runner
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Nsync Essentials
Release : July 29, 2014
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love never felt so good
Release : May 13, 2014
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not a bad thing
Release : 2/24/2014
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The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2
Release : 9/30/2013
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live Mas! Justin Timberlake partied hard after winning big at the People’s Choice Awards . . . with some Taco Bell. The 32-year-old ”Mirrors” singer celebrated his three awards by heading directly to the fast food joint after attending the award show at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on Wednesday, Jan. 8.


(i cant believe i forgot this was on!!!!!)

  • FAVORITE ALBUM – “The 20/20 Experience,” Justin Timberlake
  • FAVORITE MALE ARTIST – Justin Timberlake
  • FAVORITE R&B ARTIST – Justin Timberlake

Timberlake’s “The 20/20 Experience” scores Favorite Album, while Spears gets nod for Favorite Pop Artist

Justin Timberlake’s “The 20/20 Experience” was 2013′s top-selling album, and at the 2014 People’s Choice Awards, he continued his hot streak by claiming the night’s top music prize: Favorite Album.

The pop singer scored the honor alongside fellow musicians, actors and more at Wednesday night’s (Jan. 8) awards, accepting the prize while thanking Ellen DeGeneres, next to whom he was seated at the ceremony, “for all the personal inspiration and the cookies. [She] bakes a hell of a cookie.” He was also full of thanks for his parents “for continuing to instill in me that no dream is too big.”

Timberlake added awards for Favorite Male Artist and Favorite R&B Artist.

Britney Spears found time to attend the ceremony in midst of her current Vegas residency and was handsomely rewarded, garnering the honor of Favorite Pop Artist. The award win solidified the singer’s continued standing as one of pop’s most popular performers; the awards are determined by fan votes, a commodity of which Spears has found no shortage over the years.

Demi Lovato and Katy Perry were the only artists besides Timberlake to garner more than one award. Lovato received nods for Favorite Female Artist and Favorite Music Fan Following, while Perry’s “Roar” won for Favorite Song and Favorite Music Video.

In a partnership with Walgreen’s, the awards handed out an honor for Favorite Humanitarian, a distinction earned by Jennifer Hudson and sister Julia, who head the Julian D. King Gift Foundation, providing assistance to children to, according to its website, “enable them to grow to be productive, confident and happy adults.”

“Glee” earned its share of awards as well. The musical TV show took home nods for Favorite Comedic TV Actor (Chris Colfer) and Favorite TV Gal Pals (Rachel & Santana). Additionally, “The Voice” scored the prize for Favorite Competition TV Show.

Three different musical performers took to the stage, starting with Sara Bareilles. The Grammy’s Album of the Year dark horse nominee trotted out top 40 hit “Brave,” turning in a soaring vocal while looming over a piano. Brad Paisley followed, digging in with new “Wheelhouse” single “The Mona Lisa,” bringing a dash of rock to the telecast with a shredding guitar solo to go along with a fist-pumping group chorus. Eventually, Paisley leapt off the stage and mingled with the audience, at which point his cowboy hat was stolen by Heidi Klum.

The No. 2 song in the country, OneRepublic’s “Counting Stars,” closed the evening in terms of live performances. The adult-alternative hit received a straightforward approach from frontman Ryan Tedder and co., the singer moving effortlessly between the song’s lower and higher registers.

J took home three awards tonight including choice album! check out photos below. and Thanks to all who voted!

Corbis-42-54703500.jpg Corbis-42-54703664.jpg Corbis-42-54710171.jpg Corbis-42-54710161.jpg Corbis-42-54710169.jpg

Events > 2014 > Events 2014 – 2014 People’s Choice Awards

2014 Grammy Nominees album track list:
“Locked Out Of Heaven”
Record Of The Year
Song Of The Year
“Blurred Lines” Feat. T.I. & Pharrell Williams
Record Of The Year
Record Of The Year
Song of The Year
Best Pop Solo Performance
Record Of The Year
“Get Lucky” Feat. Pharrell Williams
Record Of The Year
Album Of The Year
Song Of The Year
Best Pop Solo Performance
Best Pop Solo Performance
Album Of The Year
Best Pop Solo Performance
“Same Love” Feat. Mary Lambert
Album Of The Year
Song Of The Year
Best New Artist
Best New Artist
“Swimming Pools (Drank)”
Album Of The Year
Best New Artist
“Lego House”
Best New Artist
13. P!NK
“Just Give Me A Reason” Feat. Nate Ruess
Song Of The Year
“Begin Again”
Album Of The Year
Best Country Album
“Mine Would Be You”
Best Country Album
“Merry Go ‘Round”
Best New Artist
Best Country Album
“Highway Don’t Care” Feat. Taylor Swift & Keith Urban On Guitar
Best Country Album
“Take A Little Ride”

Best Country Album

The 56th Annual Grammy Awards will be held on Sunday, January 26 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, and will air live on CBS at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Read more at http://www.hitfix.com/news/katy-perry-justin-timberlake-daft-punk-featured-on-grammys-compilation/2#bHe5WSFmeZevA58P.99

Juicy J says “Stay Trippy’s” follow-up is slated to be released this year.

Juicy J has announced that he is slated to release a new album this year.

Juicy announced this project through Twitter, an announcement that follows last year’s Stay Trippy.

Stay Trippy was released in August 2013. The album features Project Pat, Justin Timberlake and Wiz Khalifa.

The album received a 3 out of 5 rating by HipHopDX.

“Some Rap is tailor made for headphone listening and careful analysis of every word,” HipHopDX wrote at the time. “Then there are songs that are meant to be played loud in public settings, and the lyrics don’t matter so much. If you haven’t already figured it out, Stay Trippy is the latter. And for as much flack as it receives, there is entertainment value there and it serves its purpose as a soundtrack to the ‘trippy’ lifestyle. Still, existing within that world that overlooks lyrical competence or any moral deficiencies, there are enough instances where the veteran’s effortless style starts veering too close to effort-less. But it doesn’t seem like the veteran will be going away anytime soon.”

Congrats to John Fleming for winning our Runner Runner blu-ray DVD combo pack.

big thanks to all of our entries, don’t worry we always have contests and you will always have another chance!

AS A REMINDER the dvd is now out in stores! you can purchase it now

Beyonce drops Part 5 of her Self-Titled mini-documentary series that gives a glimpse into her fifth self-titled LP, Beyonce. In this five-and-a-half minute (we’re seeing a pattern here)episode titled “Honesty,” the “XO” singer gets personal and talks about having to carry the same torch now of her previous inspirations. “I feel like I’m having to tap into a lot of my life experiences to pull inspiration, and I feel like I’m opening a lot in these videos and showing a lot of sides to me that only a few people have seen.”

This episode also takes fans inside the studio as Yonce puts together the ballad “Rocket,” which she co-wrote with Justin Timberlake and Miguel. “It was a moment in the studio where I didn’t want to stop singing it, and I just kinda zoned out,” she explains of finding the melody. “I don’t think I would have done it back then. I don’t think I would have been confident enough. I would have been too afraid of what other people thought, but I kinda dropped that fourth wall and I did it.”

The past 12 months have made one thing clear: 2013 was the year of Justin Timberlake. I know what you’re thinking: What about Jennifer Lawrence and Miley Cyrus and Benedict Cumberbatch? Sorry folks — it was all JT. The ex-‘NSYNC band-member-turned-solo-artist and actor ruled 2013 with his release of The 20/20 Experience Part 1 & Part 2, his boy band’s (all too brief) reunion at the MTV Video Music Awards, and his Golden Globe nod for his work on the Coen Brothers’ musical biopic Inside Llewyn Davis. So yeah, this was a big year for our favorite Southern gentleman, JT. (Let’s forget that awkward minute when he starred in Runner, Runner, shall we?) And his Golden Globe nomination for “Please Mr. Kennedy” only means one thing: Justin Timberlake is one step closer to successfully accomplishing the EGOG.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the EGOG (Emmy-Grammy-Oscar-Golden Globe) is the selective sibling of the ever-elusive EGOT (Emmy-Grammy-Oscar-Tony). The two titles are the grand slams of entertainment and they’re rare, especially for someone whose primary title is singer-songwriter and fabulous dancer. Timberlake is halfway to accomplishing the EGOG as he enters the 2013-14 awards season — he’s already racked up four Emmy awards for his epic turns on Saturday Night Live and six Grammy Awards (and he’s currently nominated and in place to win more). But his Globes nomination is the first for the multi-talented performer and the fact that Inside Llewyn Davis’ soundtrack is one of the best of 2013, combined with the hilarity of the song itself, might be the perfect recipe for a win. And even if he doesn’t win there, the song could definitely get a nod when the Oscar nominees are announced on Jan. 16.

So what can Timberlake do to ensure a golden awards season? Well, perhaps one of these five tips will help the Golden Globe nominee.




 Because everyone knows that when you turn on the charm (á la J. Law and Sandra Bullock), you immediately become an Academy darling. And it’s no secret that Justin Timberlake has more charm in one of his fingernails than 3/4 of the population combined.



Class goes a long way in Hollywood, and JT’s got a hell of a lot of it. I’d list all of Hollywood A-list award winners that are paragons of class, but that’d be a really long list. But look at this guy in a suit and tie! Eat your heart out, Daniel Day-Lewis.



Like Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor advised us in Singin’ In The Rain, humor really is the best way to make the people love you. (Hello George Clooney!) And JT’s really good at it — he’s got the SNL resumé to prove it.



You’re just better at comedies, JT, and now you know it for sure. So don’t be embarrassed about Runner, Runner and its epic flop because it will all be okay. Look at how many terrible movies Sandra Bullock had to make before she won her Oscar for The Blind Side (and look at how Clooney’s Batman & Robin nipples became a focal point of his golden year in 2006) — it happens to everyone, so learn from it, and joke about it.



Every minute of every hour of every day until awards season is over, and then you can rest peacefully while cradling the last two statues to complete your EGOG tenderly against your chest. Because, at the risk of sounding shallow, that smile could simultaneously light up a room and melt our frozen hearts while those baby blues bring us to our knees — and I can bet there’s at least a few people on the voting committees who’ll feel the same way as well.

So, in conclusion, we’re throwing our support behind Justin Timberlake for the EGOG in 2014 because it’s totally within his reach. And we can only hope he’d celebrate like this (or at least make a joke about it in the green room afterwards)…


Of course the first printed article of the new year is something rubbish. OK! Magazine claims the timberlakes are unhappy due to the fact they spent time apart. I’m guessing the editors are unaware of the fact justin is a musician and is currently on tour lol.


Click the cover to view the scans in the gallery

Of course the first printed article of the new year is something rubbish. OK! Magazine claims the timberlakes are unhappy due to the fact they spent time apart. I’m guessing the editors are unaware of the fact justin is a musician and is currently on tour lol.


Click the cover to view the scans in the gallery

Happy new year everyone! I spent most of yesterday in the car, and bored with my own iPod’s songs, I decided to listen to the radio. I found the radio station doing iHeartRadio’s countdown and just listened to that (at least they’d play different songs for hours, unlike most pop radio stations that would play 10 songs over and over again). Justin featured 4 times in the countdown:

#6 Mirrors
#13 Suit & Tie (feat. JAY Z)
#23 Holy Grail
#78 Take Back the Night 

You can check out the full countdown here.