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Runner Runner
Release : 2014
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Nsync Essentials
Release : July 29, 2014
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love never felt so good
Release : May 13, 2014
Peak Chart Position : #20
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not a bad thing
Release : 2/24/2014
Peak Chart Position : #8
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The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2
Release : 9/30/2013
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*NSYNC  went through some tough times this past year with the lawsuit  and changing labels. What did you do to keep your mood upbeat?


We just stuck together. We had each other, and that’s what  really got us through the whole thing.


What do you think would surprise your fans the most about you?


I think people’s first impression of me is a little bit  misleading, because when I first meet people, I keep to  myself. I listen before I speak.


So you’re way more outgoing than people might think?




What’s your worst habit?


My procrastination habits are overwhelming. But my worst habit  is probably…that I take everything to heart, I really do.  Especially the music that we do because it means so much to  me. So I think I’m a bit sensitive.


What are some of your favorite comfort foods?


When I eat my granny’s cooking, I feel like I’m back home. I  love her peach cobbler, it’s to die for. She makes great pecan  pie–she makes great everything. She’s an incredible cook.


What’s the best compliment you think somebody could give you?


“Love your new album, I really respect your music.”


What would be your ideal date?


I like to surprise people. I’d show up and just take somebody  out to a nice restaurant, or bungee jumping, or something. I  like the element of surprise. I think it’s extra special.


What could a girl do to really warm your heart?


Get to know me, take the time. I think a girl should do  something that a guy would do–surprise me like a guy would.  Show up and take me out to dinner, take me somewhere. You  often hear about a guy doing that, but when a girl does that,  it’s attractive! To do something like that really show  self-confidence.


Who knows you best?


My mom. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t talk to  her.


What kind of music would you put on a mix tape?


D’Angelo, Maxwell, Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Lenny Kravitz, some  hip hop.


Have you ever had a crush on a friend and worked up enough  guts to tell her?


Yeah. I did have enough guts, it just didn’t work out. It just  didn’t go to the next level. We stayed friends though, so it  was cool. But if I have feelings for somebody, I’m honest and  I just tell them. I don’t waste time.