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i’d say happy couple, but they both look exhausted. Check out pics off The Newly weds at the airport.

SPL449066_003.jpg SPL449691_003.jpg SPL449691_012.jpg SPL449691_016.jpg

Candid Pictures > 2012 > 10/21/2012 Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are seen at the airport in Italy

143 Responses to and the tired couple arrives

  • He looks cute. Tired, but cute.

  • they don’t look tired to me they look like they might of had thier first fight Justin looks pissed and deep in thought wonder if he realized he made a big mistake
    B look very sad/ upset even Justin bodyguard looks upset
    you notice Justin hiding his ring and the security guard was blocking B to get a look at her ring
    yesturday photo of Justin he didn’t look happy either

    wonder if they even sleep together on thier wedding night

    was there any sighting of Paul and Lynn , Trace and Samantha also was B brother there ?

    wonder when the woj live

  • Woo hoo! The happy couple basking in the glow of wedded bliss excited to jet off to a long romantic honeymoon. LOL!!!!

  • I don’t think he looks unhappy but she does look upset he looks pretty normal, it could be that it’s early in the morning and they are probably exhausted.

  • I think he looks upset/sad and she looks sad, tbh. Yes maybe there’s tiredness too but I don’t think it’s only that. And why they should be exhausted? They spent time with family and friends, they had their big day, they were in beautiful places, it’s not like they worked. Of course, there is anyway stress, in any case, also for real weddings (lol). Justin who worked almost 24/7 on the set didn’t look like that.
    Last year I went at a wedding outside Rome, the venue was an old little castle and everyone sleep there the night. The day after we did all together a breakfast before to leave. The couple was of course tired but despite that they were extremely happy (and we with them). You can be tired and happy at the same time.

  • Good that these photo surfaced before the photos from ceremony because that’s how the reality looks for them, no smile no contact no talk no relationship. For me it is only a contract.

  • Yeah I agree anonyma- it’s a business agreement. There’s no romance or bliss. I agree IG- I’ve been tired and happy- not from a wedding but no matter how you feel your emotions shine through and to me that’s how this “marriage” is going to play out.

  • Woo hoo! The happy couple basking in the glow of wedded bliss excited to jet off to a long romantic honeymoon. LOL!!!!

    they might just be heading back to the States
    wonder how much longer before woj live is up an running again ?

  • wionder if the tabloids will put any of these photos in thier articles

    I know these photos might be use when and if a break-up surfaces

  • It was a big wedding weekend. While I was a bridesmaid here in NYC, Justin and Jessica tied the knot in Italy. Jessica was pretty in pink, as she opted for a color infused dress instead of traditional white. The full princess-like silhouette was designed by Giambattista Valli (who also dressed the bridesmaids & mothers). Justin, his men were handsome in Tom Ford.

  • Alecia I agree. I told about that wedding as example, because we travelled and the day after we’re tired from the day before and it was a wedding. But these things happen all the time, with vacations or anyway when you hang out with friends after work/university, etc. You’re tired but if you’re happy and you are having/had good time people see it on your face.
    abby what we can say? What goes around comes back around. Now that he’s married, license or not, he can’t end it soon, he would look too bad. It’s his fault.

  • they look like thier going to be sleeping in seperate quarters or she going to be living in Justin guest house
    and make it look like thier happily married

  • It is his fault IG- he’s going to live the words of his own song in the worst way possible.

  • where did it say she was wearing pink ?

  • tinks where you read that? So her dress was pink? Oh gosh, lol. And, anonyma said before that it was all planned from the last year. Now that I’ve read that, a couple of things came in my mind. Do you remember that event for stylist? She represented Valli, with a white dress. It was the first time she wore a white dress after long time. Sure, she wore Valli before but it’s not exactly a big testimonial. But what about if Jessica and PR told to Valli that she was going to marry Justin and they wanted him as stylist? Second, if I remember well, Justin represented Tom Ford at the last Met Gala.
    abby Justin’s house is anyway big, I think she has her room there, lol.

  • found it

    and lol that they posted the pic of that event I was talking.

  • So happy for Mr and Mrs Timberlake marry life has finally blessed them. I would love to have seen their love being shown at their wedding.Changing their vow’s and placing their rings on each other finger’s soooooo romantic. May you and your wife have a long marriage like both of your paren’t. Make some babies Ha Ha!!

  • Justin and Jessica are MARRIED yeah!! Give it a year and you will see little Timberlake’s running around. Have a long lastin marriage guy’s I’am so happy for you.

  • Lol… @ Roberta. True. May the funeral begin right about now… Who died your souls? Crazy smh…. I’m glad to see he’s not acting. She’s being well her usual self. Lmao…

  • Wait until she starts doing promotions and interviews- it’s going to be even worse.

  • Jessica’s psycho fans, maybe you should understand that at every email there is a little avatar. Ooops. Where’s the need to have multiple accounts…..desperate much…..
    E!online of course wrote another article with the first pic of them, I guess now also US and others’ll do the same. Lol to what the wrote: ” looking low-key in casual attire.” Sure, because that white hat doesn’t get attention….

  • since the magazine is out Wednesday do you think people will do a preview tomorrow or Tuesday.

  • e! now has 7 articles up on their main page…wtf…they are acting like they are brangelina or kate and william…why do they care so much?

    oh and i read this:
    And although she’s donning a cream bucket hat, the 30-year-old Total Recall star still has that new-bride glow.

    glow? seriously? i only see her smug face

  • she doesn’t look smug she looks ill, tired and upset.

  • E! must be getting paid by her PR-nobody cares. I only have read a couple of articles because they all say the same thing.
    We might get a preview but I just think it’s probably going to be the most awkward looking wedding pictures you can imagine. It would be a good fit for Ellen’s awkward family photos!

  • Alicia..ITA. We will have a month aftermass due to her promotional movie tours. The wedding was perfect blah blah blah. I may actually watch to see if she ever changes her story. Usually she’s very verbatum and fake as hell.

  • Lmao @ Roberta. Her outfit screams I’m wearing “white” & I’m a 30 yr old Grandma ;-)

  • I totally agree. Jessica does have crazy fans. They have to be as psycho as her. Whoops I went there.

  • So happy for Mr and Mrs Timberlake marry life has finally blessed them. I would love to have seen their love being shown at their wedding.Changing their vow’s and placing their rings on each other finger’s soooooo romantic. May you and your wife have a long marriage like both of your paren’t. Make some babies Ha Ha!!

    ^^^^And you need urgent treatment.

  • ^ Thank you Monic you are too kind.

  • I agree, these new pics do not scream “happy newlyweds” to me at all! also, remember the pic of him at airport going to Italy with his guitar- captioned should have read “dead man walking” he looked so glum in that pic too, nothing like a happy man going to get married to the woman of his dreams! god, she looks awful in that hat, and would it kill her to put on some makeup! notice how he’s hiding his ring by having his hand in his pocket, poor guy I feel somewhat sorry for him having made a deal with the devil with this girl.. he can’t be happy, is this what happy looks like??

  • time for kanye to pop the question and steal the spotlight….although im kinda looking forward to seeing her in that pink dress, im sure its another fashion disaster

    photo 17

    B looks like she is throwing daggers at Justin something must of happened wright after the wedding for them to look angry, sad miserable

  • how many think Justin will stop wearing his ring ?

    or how long before B stops wearing hers ?

  • Oh no! You’re just married and you have that look? Com’on.. even if they were truly tired they would still have smiles in their faces, it was their wedding weekend! I’m not shocked with JT hiding his ring (why, is he ashamed of it?), it’s Biel’s expression that makes me wonder. She should have posing with her ring. I wonder if they have had a fight and he told her not to. Omg.. and the distance between them.. he’s walking in front of her and she follows.

  • Yeah- I think he’s ashamed and embarrassed but he allowed this famewhoring to happen so he shouldn’t be so concerned about hiding. He’s out in front figuratively and literally.
    He always is distant with her- with previous girlfriends he at least walked side by side and held hands to look protective. But we’ll see what happens.

  • Yea they both look miserable but we always said that and he still got married to her. Wait six months when they live together 24/7 and the honeymoon has worn off. I think this will last a long time though because I don’t see her EVER letting go no matter what. Justin imo was pressured into this. Mostly it was an intangible pressure. He’s older now. She puts up with his bullshit and is safe. Trace is getting married and has a kid now, his mama wanting grandkids etc. Biel hung in there and wore him down.
    Hopefully he’ll be able to back out before there are kids involved because I doubt this chick is someone he is deeply in love with. Everything about their body language and his face and eyes when he’s with her says otherwise.

    Good Luck! You’re gonna need it.

  • Alicia…She usually always flashes her ring. Engagment ring. Why so different now? No smug look??? She is always happy to get photographed especially with her Justin Timberlake. So…Why so glum Mrs. Timberlake???

  • I think Kanye is proposing to Kim on her bday. Lol… Which is today? So that’s all over the media. We will see. Yes there’s will be over the top dramatic just like them.

  • ITA Amber.

  • ABAILEY666 got her wish. Justin and Jessica have a long and happy marriage yeah. abailey666 got her abailey666 got her wish.jealous hater’s ha ha ha!!

  • I bet he has already stopped wearing the ring and she’s not happy about that. she’ll wear hers though during her movie promo and will be totally obnoxious. It’s obvious now they had so many people involved and so much money invested and he at least felt like he had to go though with it. I bet things have already started to deteriorate between them.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if he had been smoking all along and was hiding it. But why does he now feel no need to hide it? Apparently it was blatant at the golf touranment. Does he just no longer give a fuck thinking his career is over?

  • Steph, I don’t hear anybody talking about this, though. I didn’t even know until I checked in here like I do once in awhile. I mean, celebrity sites will have they story because what else do they talk about? It’s their job to yap about anyone with some fame even reality stars. But the internet wasn’t exactly a buzz over it. The presidential debate #3 is tomorrow and that will dominate the real news. Nobody is checking for this couple..

  • By “this couple” im talking Justin and his blushing bride

  • Their friends love to moon the paps lmao…est-moons-photographers/ And Justin looks more annoyed with the paparazzi at the airport then anything else

    Justin’s parents were photographed leaving

    Paul looks tired and Lynn looks annoyed they could of got some help loading the car with thier many luggage

  • Well it could be the paps are them and being tired. But it looks like already being married has got to them both lol. Maybe they were fighting? And maybe he is hiding his hands because of the ring or he dorsn’t want her to hold his hand and it made her mad lol. But it’s just odd for months she has been smiling and acting happy but not here. And eww to her nose and lips once again! Her shoulders and arm looks bony here too. They look ruff here well he doesn’t look ruff just looks like he is in a bad mood her on the other hand., I know people has said before Victoria Beckham never really smile when she is out. But I think she will at least sometimes smile when she is out with her husband and kids. I say though all these pictures we will get from E!, Us, People etc. they will look more diffrent they have to hype it up for the camera on their Wedding day. If we get pictures of them posing together you know? I heard they maybe will have a picture on the cover but i’m not sure yet. Anyway’s I do think that fan was wrong to say that on Justin’s brother picture. I mean I wouldn’t do that but did he really have to go and say the worlds most beautiful woman really?! I mean it seems like certain people that is family members or people he knows before will talk how amazing she is and beautiful. You never hear anyone say that in her side of the family about Justin. Even if Justin isn’t the the most hottest guy in the world or whatever lol.. I’m just saying I mean it’s okay if his brother thinks she is pretty or hot. He wouldnt be the first person to say it. But saying worlds most beautiful woman that’s going a bit overboard their don’t you think?

  • @beverleymitchel Back in the US!!! A truly magical time in Italy! Reliving our wedding and celebrating another! Congrats you two love birds!

  • She wore a pink dress or a dress with some pink in it?? Also a princess style?? Weird if true becuz it doesn’t seem like her style. She isn’t girly like that. Lol She must have wanted to be like a girly princes that day. Maybe Justin or Estee must have helped and gave opinions so she took theirs instead of her own. If it was designed by Valli then i guess she stuck with the designer she has worn a lot and they called her a “Valli girl” like she is their muse or main model but she doesn’t have a official deal with them. I wouldn’t doubt if 1 comes a long either. 
    When I think about this type of dress I think about Gwen Stefani’s wedding dress. It would be funny and weird if it was similar , no surprise either since she is not original. Lol

  • I could see maybe Estee helped her out who knows maybe he did too too. Lol

  • She isn’t girly as well she’s not a fashionista. I think in a some way both of them wanted this flashy wedding. Jessica felt she waited so long for this, she loves the attention, so more details there were in the wedding, more articles can come out. Plus, she always tries hard to be feminine and girly, so I think in her mind do this kind of wedding was a good idea. It was also a way to say to people look at me, Justin spent 6,5 millions for our wedding, he loves me so much! Remember that she’s very dull and superficial. Justin from the other hand maybe wanted to cover all the past crap he did to her, so he gave to her what she wanted. And the same Justin wanted to make appear that he loves her so much that he gave to her a fairy tale wedding.
    I agree about hands, why hide them? He’s married from 2 days and he feels already ashamed to wear a nuptial without real meaning?
    Alicia, most of the time, he always walk in that way and she follows her as a puppy. Except when they wanted to make a cute photo op, in that case they walk together in front of papz. I guess Justin was not in a good mood to do it. These 2 don’t love the each other but as Amber said this was not enough to put a stop. Her PR can write what she wants.

  • carryberry I think at this point all Timberlake’s family is involved in this shame. Why answer to those tweets? And why answer in that way? Like, are we at elementary school or kindergarten? Even if Jessica was really one of the most gorgeous woman (ah aha ah) it’s a stupid thing to say to answer to someone who wrote those tweets. Jessica or not why care about what people think?

  • If he won’t give her kids and this marriage will last too short with the ironclad prenup, she will have a real fairytale, mid-aged D-actress, ageing badly, with weird pink dress in the closet, bangs trauma and nice photo album. That’s all. And remember no one wants her cupcakes in 2011 who will buy this in a few years

  • Yeah.. But Jonathan and Stephen I guess was posting pictures before this wedding started and after on instagram. And his cousin I guess did on twitter and Rob’s g/f by saying she was in Europe. That’s how fans (more like @iamzoestone and jjb peeps) found out about this and posting pictures and talk about it lol. But yeah that fan wrote that on Jonathan instagram by the way when Lainey was talking about stalker fans stalking his famile pictures and finding out about th wedding or whatever. I’m pretty sure she was talking about them or at least @iamzoestone, Mikayla and a few others. One girl even admit that she sound like she was talking about them! Lmao I was like wow…

  • HAPPY for Mr and Mrs Justin Timberlake. Get used to it HATER’S Ha Ha!!

  • Toni guess who will have the last laugh, his lawyer. get down to earth from you 7th heaven.

  • HAPPY for Mr and Mrs Justin Timberlake. Get used to it HATER’S Ha Ha!!

    It is one and the same person! Or people?
    Why makes the effort and are constantly other names?
    How sick must be the.

  • anonyma you can call her it directly abailey, lol. She should go on places more right for her, where there are psychos as her. Jessica got what she wanted and she will annoy everyone for at least another year, maybe she will get some new roles, but Jessica’s fans are still not happy, they have to use multiple accounts and to write anywhere to make appear that she’s so loved….
    Lmao to the other comment anonyma. I think in any case she will have a bad wake up. Even if the marriage lasts more than 1-2 years, even if she is able to get pregnant, sooner or later the fairy tale will end and she will remain alone and more important (for her) without attention on media, without invitations, without gifts from brands, without driver…Meltdown will come soon.
    carryberry Timberlake’s family (especially Timberlake’s family from father’s side) could have more class and respect but it’s not like tabloids and media in general got info by them.
    Another thing on L&S article, I think someone needs a reality check, “Justin wanted the wedding to be very classy”. Sorry, but that bad copy from Disney cartoons is not a classy wedding. And where is the class to spread every detail to media and to make tons of articles every time there is a new stupid details or about N’Sync and 7th Heaven.

  • monic it’s the same person. Not only because of the “style” but because at every email there is an avatar. These comments have the same avatar, lol. I think every fandom has crazy fans, but it seems that Jessica has a lot of psychos’s fans. I wonder if it’s a coincidence. Lol.

  • Thanks Italiangirl, I have noticed that no one wants to comment this EVENT anymore, so she can’t milk this for the next year. It is too much, vanilla vomit.
    Definition of CLASSY
    : having or showing class: as
    a : elegant, stylish
    b : having or reflecting high standards of personal behavior

    c : admirably skillful and graceful

    — class•i•ness noun
    So if this wedding was classy we need to change the definition

  • ^I think that Jessica and her PR was so happy that Jessica got the wife status that they became “crazy” with media and media accepted to kiss their asses for obvious reasons. But everyone involved in this story is doing a poor figure, media too. Even if people cared to them and to the wedding, they anyway exaggerated, and since people don’t care, this wedding is like a boomerang, worst that the engagement. They can’t talk about privacy for years, including this last year, and then do what they did, including sell the pics to People. Maybe Jessica was sad because she expected that people could be happy for her instead to write “they’ll last max 2 years”, “they’ll not last” “she’s lesbian”. Etc. If Jessica or both of them thought that people could change idea, they’re fool. Or maybe she thought to get immediately a new role. Who knows.

  • I guess she was papped immiediately when the photos from the airport surfaced to make the damage control. just a few days after the wedding she must try so hard, “poor” Jessie Timberlake

  • Sorry my mistake the smiling and smug photos are earlier but they surfaced now.

  • Yeah, on Just Jared. It seems like her PR made some deals with every media, lol. She has that expression when she can’t resist to have the smug face, but at this point I also wonder why she had that face at airport. It’s not the first time that Justin was pissed and she was all smile with papz. Anyway, the ring seem huge, obviously. She could not have a cute and nice wedding band, you know?

  • Well at least there’s not anymore the excuse of tiredness, since the pics with the ring are from the same day and she didn’t look tired at all.

  • I think in alot of ways he doesn’t give a care right now Caty. But I don’t think he’s ever going to push his career right out of the picture. Aside from promos, he’ll probably find a reason to be away and working. But yeah I agree IG- the Timberlake family might as well keep quiet and not suffer anymore embarrassment from this mess. She’s going to continue shilling this and trying to get roles until something else steals her thunder. Adele had her baby this weekend so I think that will definitely get alot of attention from entertainment news outlets.

  • Maybe he wasn’t wearing the ring and that’s why he was hiding his hand xD

  • Oh god so she was waving and smiling at the paps? :X Lol that’s funny she can smile or be smug or whatever. But something was up at the airport Idc what anyone else says. She looked pissed and maybe tired looking and that ring I don’t think is too pretty looking either. Maybe she knew the paps be around so she has to act happy or “glowing” maybe at the airport she didn’t know they would be paps so.. So now are they going to be games playing with her wedding right? Smh.. Lol

  • Someone put the comment on JJ that now she is smiling and looking smug but she will be hiding her face when he will cheat on her. But I think that on contrary I remember their photos taken when they left from the restaurant after the scandal with Olivia Munn. She was so smug while he hides his head in hands. She never will be ashamed enough to leave, she has no dignity more she feels chosen because he is coming back to her bad after cheating this is so disgusting. They can spend millions of dollars for the wedding but this is shameful.

  • Justin Timberlake Calls Wedding Day ‘Magical’

    There was no shortage of romance for Justin Timberlake and his beautiful bride Jessica Biel when they tied the knot Friday at the Borgo Egnazia resort in Puglia, Italy.

    “It was magical,” Timberlake, 31, tells PEOPLE exclusively. “It was an unforgettable evening.”

    Surrounded by close friends and family, the pair became husband and wife after days of pre-wedding celebrations leading up to the event.

    “It was a fantasy,” Biel, 30, tells PEOPLE of the nuptials, which will be featured exclusively in this week’s PEOPLE magazine, debuting online Wednesday.

    Italy – a special location for the couple partly because of their love for its food and wine – served as the perfect backdrop for the festivities, which began earlier in the week.

    On Thursday, the bride and groom hosted a party for guests who hung out around open fires and dined on fresh-made cheese, local olives and wine. The night before, the group celebrated at a beach where they watched fireworks and listened to live music.

    “It’s great to be married, the ceremony was beautiful and it was so special to be surrounded by our family and friends,” the couple told PEOPLE in an exclusive statement Friday.

    Pickup the new issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday, for all the glamorous details and their complete wedding album!,,20641166,00.html

  • Justin Timberlake Calls Wedding Day ‘Magical’

    There was no shortage of romance for Justin Timberlake and his beautiful bride Jessica Biel when they tied the knot Friday at the Borgo Egnazia resort in Puglia, Italy.

    “It was magical,” Timberlake, 31, tells PEOPLE exclusively. “It was an unforgettable evening.”

    Surrounded by close friends and family, the pair became husband and wife after days of pre-wedding celebrations leading up to the event.

    “It was a fantasy,” Biel, 30, tells PEOPLE of the nuptials, which will be featured exclusively in this week’s PEOPLE magazine, debuting online Wednesday.

    Italy – a special location for the couple partly because of their love for its food and wine – served as the perfect backdrop for the festivities, which began earlier in the week.

    On Thursday, the bride and groom hosted a party for guests who hung out around open fires and dined on fresh-made cheese, local olives and wine. The night before, the group celebrated at a beach where they watched fireworks and listened to live music.

    “It’s great to be married, the ceremony was beautiful and it was so special to be surrounded by our family and friends,” the couple told PEOPLE in an exclusive statement Friday.

    Pickup the new issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday, for all the glamorous details and their complete wedding album!

  • They need that someone tell to them to stop it. Smh to Justin, and maybe he didn’t even care to talk with People for real, he said to her PR to create something, so he said it was “magical” and she said it was a “fantasy”. From the pics from 20 I guess it was really “magical” if then he needed to be alone the first morning after the I Do. About her, I think that maybe she didn’t notice papz and when she saw them it was too late to put a smug face. She has never had problems to smile and to be smug. She did it also after break up, before and after statement. But when she didn’t notice she has most of the time that face, for example when they went in Italy or when she went at Wetten Dass.

  • So they gave an interview on/day after their wedding…how romantic

  • and the smug face is back, waving at some weddings guests aka the paparazzi

  • ^I would not be surprised if anything was prepared before. If the cerimony began at 7:30 pm when they did the statement and the interview? It was prepared before and her PR said to people to publish the article with the statement around 8:00 pm. Probably at that time they were still doing the pics or something like that. Justin should understand that more they try hard more the fall will be bigger, especially with cheating. But it seems that for now he fucked up his mind, even if then he’s miserable.

  • the photo were B is wearing legging and a white T-shirt it doesn’t look like she is wearing a wedding band just the engagement ring
    the white T-shirt has wholes in them
    I know she can sfford a new t-shirt even without Justin money

    where was Justin when she was waving her guest good bye ?
    the photos at the air port terminal says the real truth
    action speak louder then words

  • Lainey has pictures of Jessica @ the resort waving. Lol I dont think she has wedding band on??’s-wedding-reportedly-cost-%246.5-million 

  • abby I doubt she was waving her guest goodbye, the guests were papped leaving in bus on Saturday morning. She saw papz and the smile and the hand was for them. Justin was probably still playing golf, lol. About the ring, it’s the wedding band because it’s different. It has not that grey sparkle and the rock seems round, maybe bigger thant the engagement ring.

  • Like I have said good for them. As in the media stuff *yawn* Typical Hollywood couple. As in Jessica pulling her bangs back today. You look better today than yesterday. Still don’t like the big ring. She is smiling for the photographers.. About time. The usual. Work it honey.. *yawn*

  • I don’t understand why she needed another hideous enormous ring. It is an investement in case of the annulment or the compensation for not being loved??Anyway a big public fail. I just saw the photos of Anne Hathaway and her husband from the airport and they are holding hands, smiling, talking. A huge ddifference, of course this fake marriage might last longer but what is the purpose for such a luxurious vegetation. Of course media rather not picked up these photos where they look so miserable.

  • Normally once you get married the engagement ring goes off then goes back on for the most part and you can see there a wedding band
    it doesn’t look like a wedding band behind the engagement ring

    and some people stop wearing the engagement ring all together after marrying

  • Like I have said good for them. As in the media stuff *yawn* Typical Hollywood couple. As in Jessica pulling her bangs back today. You look better today than yesterday. Still don’t like the big ring. She is smiling for the photographers.. About time. The usual. Work it honey.. *yawn*

    I believe it was the same day they were flying out she is wearing the white t- shirt and legging at the airport
    wondering when woj live is going to be up and running

  • From the jjb–
    So the People mag interviewer said Chris was not there. Only their closest family and friends, about 100 people. She also implied Justin sang.
    ^so now Chris wasn’t there??!!

  • where is this interview?

  • Chris tweeted about to go in Italy and a lot of media talked about him, it seems to me US, E!online and GC too. A lot of media also talked about 150 people. Anyway it’s just about details, whatever. Of course he sang, why not sing some love songs to own wedding? And Jessica was of course touched. Bla bla bla. anonyma about the ring I ‘m not surprised, everything is exaggeratted, but this only makes show that it’s all smoke and mirrors. The pics from her are always on Oct 21, she was not tired at all to smile to papz. For once I agree with Lainey. Justin knows it’s gross, not classy and he’s hating anything but still he accepted all this crap. I don’t know about WOJ, I send an email but Jess didn’t answer me, maybe she didn’t check the emails for the site? Or maybe she needs time to fix it. Someone can try to send another email, or to tweet.

  • I haven’t seen the Anne Hathaway pics but I’m happy for her. I don’t know much about her husband but he seems nice and non-famewhoring.
    I agree IG- this is a complete lack of class. And these People/USW posts are timed for dramatic effect. I hope someone releases Adele’s baby name so we can move on from this mess.
    I’ll email Jess as well so hopefully we’ll get a response.

  • Jennifer Lopez boyrfiend / fiance not sure if thier engaged she has been wearing a huge ring
    either way they she has shown more real affection compare to Justin and B in the 5 years they been together

    this whole wedding ceremony sounds so fishy
    no other celebrity real couplse never got this much stuff mention in any of these tabloids day after day after day nothing was a secret
    in any of these photo non of the guest had any smiles or laughing on thier faces

  • Some1 on the jjb said the reporter from People magazine did an interview with Access Hollywood. 

  • Mrs Jessica Timberlake is glowing,because she is married to Justin Timberlake congrat. Have a wonderful marriage make those babies.

  • Agree with you, Abby. Usually the engagement ring does come off after the wedding. Ummmmmm okay? Pose for the photogs. Still think that’s a weird job…Paparazzi

  • “?uestlove played a bunch of Justin Timberlake songs, but no *NSYNC,” a source tells Us. At one point, the former boy bander served as his own wedding singer: “Justin performed one song at the wedding,” the source reveals. “It’s a new one that he hasn’t released yet. He dedicated it to Jessica.”

  • This is my take on Jessica and Justin’s relationship. It is unhealthy for sure. Jessica needs him emotionally and professionally. That’s sad. No person should never have to be totally dependent on another. He does what he can. When you have some one that’s sucking the life out of you and name dropping Justin Timberlake in the total recall promotions is sickening.

    She has no life. That’s why all she can talk about this fairy tale she has created in her mind. All fairy tales are make believe…. Just saying. Smh….

  • wonder if the song might be something that would come across as an insult

    he made a rude comment when B said something on his Birthday one year

  • Lmao… Justin Timberlake music at this own wedding reception? Wow…. A little much. I could see a song or two. Smh…

  • For everyone that is calling people haters. No. I don’t hate. I just “highly dislike”. We are just stating the facts. Please refrain from using abailey it’s getting old. Y’all can celebrate for how many days or months…. this crap may last. Just saying. Keep it moving.

    To all the abailey fans = Jessica fans… Y’all are too kind. Keep it original.

  • IMO I think he just said he dedicated the song to her to not make her feel bad. Who here believes she actually inspires him? Exactly.
    I agree Steph this marriage his going to be the world’s longest promo tour about nothing. Was that an episode of Seinfeld :)?

  • ^ Alecia… This is the inspiration he can get from Jessica. Her horrible fashion sense, name dropping his name, using him for her own personal gain in status in hollywood, posing for photogs, waving at photographers in Italy with her ring after the wedding..leaking info.. the list goes on. Inspire that Miss Jessica Biel.

    His album will be good. Probably his best yet. If he ever gets in the studio. Like I said he will fair much better than her. Even though I am dissapointed in the selling of the wedding details. I guess he needs reimbursement? *rolling eyes*

  • well going on tour is a good chance of reports of him cheating or flirting

    if she isn’t with him girl friend is one thing but having a wife tag along

    and I hope that he didn’t sing a song to her on Oct 19th
    was Trace and Sam there ?

    it appears only a few family members and three or four friends I don’t recinize anyone else could they have hired people ?

  • there should be and edit button to correct spelling mistakes

  • On Extra and e! they were like Justin and Jessica got married, but let’s get back to Kim Kardashian and Kanye. They are in Italy and they might have got engaged. Kim is wearing a white lace dress and hiding her left hand in her pocket. lol Did Biel invent this or what? But anyway speculation keeps people in the news. Once thy’re married, so what? They’re an old boring married couple.

  • ITA, Abby…..

  • could the song have had a different twist to bye – bye – bye

    could this singing a song to B be just PR ?

  • yes trace was there as well as a lot of his friends.

  • it looks like B is holding her head down in shame

    I hope to god that the next photos not the wednesday tabloids ones
    that B or both don’t have a 180% look from the airport in Italy ! !

  • ^^^
    please make it be the same

  • So sweeeeeeeeeeet Justin singing a new song. He wrote for his beautiful wife, Jessica Timberlake. abailey666 is loving it. This marriage is going to last, stating the fact’s

  • There should have been “No Strings Attached” lol…. That would be inappropriate since he’s married.

  • So happy for Justin Timberlake,and his beautiful wife now Jessica Timberlake. Stay happy and married.

  • What’s with his chain smoking though? Is that some kind of passive agressive thing? I can’t believe his health conscious wife would be happy about it. He never used to do that. Right at the very beginning of your marriage your new husband has now become self destructive? What does that mean?

  • ITA, with you Roberta on his Daddy’s side of the family. They were so disrespectful with all the leaks through their instagram. I didn’t like that. I though that was rather shallow and very low class behavior. I thought that was disrespectful to him considering he’s paying for it. Why would you do that to your own family member? I’m sure maybe wanted some things private…

    As for it being all over the media. It is what it is. Shameful really. I do feel bad in a way for Justin. Just because of all the media. 1st. Shriners… Then, this. Some he brought on himself. All her behavior is on her. Now, they are a married couple. You can’t change anofher person’s behavior. Even if he wants it not to be so out in the lime light it is… As far as their realtionship. Mainly bc of her. You can’t change a person’s behavior. Just like she can’t change him. You shouldn’t have to. It will be interesting to see her press tour…… I will watch it to see how boring she is…. Justin this Justin that. Seriously honey chill lol…

  • @maximilla So the Insider just said Justin & Jessica were off on their honeymoon to an undisclosed location.

    ^Lol this is what she and her ppl wanted , to make Jessica be like the unique fashion star. ‘OMG she wore pink to her wedding , what a surprise!!!” Lol Yea right , ask Gwen Stefani!!! Lol Also can they not read?? Lol Bobbie said she wasn’t there for the wedding but E said its unclear if she was a guest or not. Lol

  • Us weekly said she changed in to another dress. So it might be 2 times the ugly. Lol

  • The washington post is the only news source calling out the airport pics.

  • I also don’t get the princess pink dress for her. she usually wears something more slinky. because she’s so tall the image in my mind is a weird looking dress.

  • I just wanted to let you know @natalie that aj girl on jjb and a few others I think are talking about you on twitter. Saying you’re a nut and delusional, And that you think you know “people” and has inside info. and that you think you have some ‘contacts’ to Justin’s personal life. etc. They were talking about you and some girl I think tweeting each other on twitter today about the People magazine.Someone was saying that you’re friend said Jessica looked stunning even though i’m not sure if she is a Jessica fan or not.. And they are talking about you’re friend is saying that People magazine will show getting ready, rings, friends, family. Little things that happened before the wedding. But it’s not suppost to get out to the media though right? Idk sorry I don’t know the media works even though I “THINK” I may know how certain idea of how the media works. Plus i’m not sure half what they were talkiing about either. But yeah I’m not trying to call you or you’re friend out by the way. I’m just letting you know that she and some other people was talking about you on twitter. If she does look “stunning” or better looking of course she can look better maybe when she has makeup on and her hair fixed. But If he did write her a song or whatever he damn better sooner or later do album if he can take the time out of his day to do that smh.. Lol -__- So I think her wedding ring is ugly and I guess she was waving at guests? She might look better some because the bangs are out of her face. But no need to say it looks like she is glowing etc. I think she needs to wash her hair while she was in Italy while she was at it looks kinda dirty no offence with her and her “old” looking shirt lol. It looks like she is pretty skinny looking here too maybe even more so before this wedding got started. By the way I think they maybe reports Chris may get married next who knows he might. I know he has been with his g/f for two years now.

  • This whole weddding thing they will leak stuff out for the next couple of months nonstop huh? Who knows matybe for about a year they will lol..

  • This whole wedding thing they will leak stuff out for the next couple of months non stop huh? Who knows matybe for about a year they will lol..

  • I don’t think she is even that tall , maybe 5’7 or 5’8?? The pink princess dress is just not her style of clothes, not her personality or body type. I also thought she would wear a slinky or a straight or a tight dress. I guess she wanted to be a girly princess for a day. Or act like Justin’s princess. Lol

  • Maybe Chris took his gf to Italy to propose??

  • The washington post is the only news source calling out the airport pics

    What did the washington post say?


    Justin Timberlake tells People magazine that his wedding to Jessica Biel was “magical.” Biel says the nuptial event was “a fantasy.” And neither of them says anything that might actually be interesting because People magazine is withholding all of its exclusively obtained details until Wednesday. (People)

    Meanwhile, here’s the first photo of Timberlake and Biel post-nuptials. They’re at the airport and therefore, both have on their airport faces: morose expressions and a deadness in the eyes that says “Please get me out of this hell on Earth.” E! Online describes this, in Biel’s case, as still having “that new-bride glow.”

  • People on jjb are still talking about them looking happy together or not and her upper lip lol.Some are saying they never look happy unless they are alone or with first they did etc. Some people just wants to see pictures or of her wedding dress and to see what she looks like.Someone that is A Justin fan said this on jjb that said she saw the People magazine said this- I’ve seen the full set of those photos that were released, and all I can vouch for (based on that) is that neither of their faces change. I find it interesting to see these particular pictures post-wedding only because the last time I was in love and on cloud nine, you couldn’t wipe the glow or smile off of me with a snow shovel. I’m not going to sit here and assume there are problems or that they “regret it already” as I’ve seen suggested in the cyber world, but I do find it interesting. Especially since just a few hours earlier, Jessica was wearing the exact glow and smile I’d imagine her to have, again, just based on the pictures I had seen.

  • It’s interesting if they couldn’t even relax enough for the People’s pics. They might always look miserable in candid pictures for the last few years but still, you would think it wouldn’t really bother them that much on their wedding day. They should be so happy that something so small wouldn’t wipe smiles off their faces. I’m curious what’s going on with this couple.

  • In fact he looks happier at his bachelor party that the paps crashed than he is after being married.

  • So the photographer is showing the pictures??

  • Ben Affleck Talks Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Wedding: “I’m Happy for Them”

    Add Ben Affleck to the list of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel’s superstar friends sending love and congrats on their wedding. “I’m very excited for him,” Affleck, who costars with J.T. in the upcoming Runner Runner, told me at tonight’s Hollywood Film Awards at The Beverly Hilton. “He’s a terrific guy,” he continued. “He’s a really good actor. There’s nothing that guy can’t do.” Affleck added with a smile, “Jess is great. I’m happy for them.”

  • Carryberry, I made the comment on JJB but I was referring to the full set of airport pictures :) I haven’t seen the People pix. Someone on the board made a comment about how the one picture posted from the airport was only from a split second in time. I was trying to make the point that for however long it carried on, their expressions never changed, so it wasn’t just “one bad photo”.

  • It sounds like someone has idk the whole story though. Anyways I think Chris and his g/f is engaged. A lot of people are sending them congrats on their Facebook accounts . LOL at E!

  • Oh okay sorry lol it’s alright though but I know most people seems to think or at least some they aren’t always that happy looking together.


    A source close to the actress said Monday, “As far as Jessica was concerned, she would have been just as happy to have a very small wedding with only a handful of friends and close family members present.” But Timberlake’s mom, Lynn Harless, wanted a nice, splashy bash for her beloved boy.

    Biel — who had split with Timberlake before they reunited and got engaged earlier this year — apparently has come to understand “that Lynn is a very powerful factor in Justin’s life and, if she wants to have a smooth marriage, she has to have Lynn in her corner. … A big part of that is letting Lynn have her way.”

  • natalie should not be worried about what pathetic people say on her. I write what I wrote yesterday, they have to stop. No one care and no one is going to buy that now he’s in love with her. I also that all these make articles every day about every single detail is desperate. I guess her PR knows that once they’ll be new bigger news and that once she’ll finish to release details, media can stop to kiss Jessica’s ass, so she release details every day to prolong the milking.
    I think the same about her dress, she wanted so hard to try to be original and to have a fairy tale wedding. In her mind she thought it was a good idea. Except not really. If she thought that people could change mind since Justin spent 6,5 millions she’s stupid, because it makes show that it’s all smoke and mirrors. About Justin’s singing, it can be true or not (you know, with her PR…) but at the same time Justin is playing along with this crap so I think that for now he’s in full mode as “perfect husband”, of course only in appearance, but that’s it. So I imagine him trying hard to his own wedding trying to appear happy, so maybe he said some cheesy speeches and he sang. He’s into it as well. He sang a “new song” so that whatever is true or not that he’s recording an album it can start some buzz about it. About People’s pics, I’m not surprised in any case. Rarely they look good, and when they did it’s usually for few seconds, at parties, with alcohol. Almost all the time the body language and his smile is fake. So I see them trying hard and looking fake and bad, as well I see them trying hard and looking “good” in a couple of pics.
    Steph, psychos are stupid so it’s useless being original with them, lol.

  • justin and Jessica are finally married, I bet Jessica look so beautiul to her new husband.Justin cried when he change vow’s so did Jessica Timberlake. may you continue your love for one another. Justin’s mother Lynn is thrilled I bet she can’t wait for grand children’s.

  • Roberta, I’m good. I say what I need to say and then I’m done. Moving on… :-)

  • So much arguing going on about this wedding. lol. But no one can tell anyone what to think. Personally I think they are a creepy, boring unappealing couple, which wouldn’t matter, but they (really she) force it on us non stop. In the end, hopefully, they are doing what’s right for them, and hopefully they are happier than they seem and not just getting married for what they think it might do for their careers. Their marriage doesn’t have to be any of our business, except that with the announcement and People coverage and all of our famewhoring, apparently it is our business, and so people are going to have opinions. I’m looking forward to this wedding famewhoring and them fading away. I’ve been a fan of Justin’s music (and a lot of the other stuff he has done), but I’m sorry, I am not a fan of her and the wedding. If he’s not doing music or otherwise having an interesing career then I hope he disappears. I’ve got my own life. No need to hang on every little detail about theirs. Just not interested.

  • Yeah most news shows are making a joke about how “secret” the wedding is and giving more details they were provided. Lol.

  • I agree Caty but I still have the opinion that he’s definitely going to be career focused unless there’s a big bump in the road. But my problem with JB is how desperate she is for attention. You got married? So what? How many people get married in a day or a week? One article is fine but all of this- it doesn’t prove your relationship or marriage is real. If anything it highlights the transparencies and fallacies that most of us suspected from day one.

  • Newlyweds Justin and Jessica cash in on pix

    Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have sold their wedding pictures to People for an estimated $300,000. The usually publicity-shy couple have also struck a deal with OK! to sell the pictures of their nuptials in Europe. The pair wed in front of 100 people at the gorgeous Borgo Egnazia resort in Southern Italy on Friday. Reports said they flew out close family and friends, including Jimmy Fallon, Andy Samberg and Beverley Mitchell. The entire complex was filled with white blooms for the ceremony, and the reception was held in marquee tents in the grounds of the hotel. The Roots’ drummer, Questlove, served as DJ, and Timberlake even performed one song, dedicated to Jessica, who wore a dress designed by Giambattista Valli. But missing from the guest list were his former *NSYNC bandmates Lance Bass, JC Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick and Joey Fatone. A source told us, “The band were not invited and are pretty upset about it. But the wedding guests were mainly close family and friends.” Reps for Timberlake and Biel didn’t get back to us.

  • Well, Bielbitch is a bitch and will stay that way – no marriage can change that and Timberwhore is a manwhore and will stay that way – no marriage can change that either – they both are ugly inside and out – the media shouldn’t give a sh.t about these two worthless people – I know I don’t give a sh.t – if they are happy then they are happy and good for them because they both have the same bad character and the same ugliness in their looks so they fit and if they are unhappy then that is their business, too – these are people I wouldn’t even care about if they would walk past me on the street because they are so NOT IMPORTANT lol well and who cares if she wore pink or blue or yellow or whatever, I mean she shouldn’t wear white because that is disrespectful as she is no virgin so whatever colour even black matches her lol


  • I love these pictures.


    But…how can you not love friends? Girlfriends!

    I had several friends in the audience on Sunday for my TED Talk. And several more online who’d been waiting the entire day (I was the final speaker) and texting me and calling me and encouraging me and assuring me I wasn’t sh-t.

    Does Gwyneth Paltrow do the same for Cameron Diaz?

    Does she tell her that Jessica Biel may have the ring and the wedding but she also had Olivia Munn too?

  • Justin Timberlake “Wasn’t Feeling Well” on Wedding Day
    It was the best day of his life, but Justin Timberlake wasn’t feeling one hundred percent when he became a married man October 19.

    “Justin wasn’t feeling well all week and on his wedding day,” a source tells Us Weekly of the 31-year-old’s nuptials with Jessica Biel at Borgo Egnazia hotel in southern Italy.

    PHOTOS: Justin and Jessica through the years

    The insider adds that the couple’s intimate group of pals spent a good amount of time at the hotel bar. “They shut the place down! They had a big night at the bar where everyone went crazy — but Justin wasn’t feeling great,” the insider tells Us.

    PHOTOS: Justin’s romantic history

    Even if the under-the-weather “SexyBack” singer didn’t party as hard as he might have, “Justin was in a good mood,” the source says. “He had fun.”

    PHOTOS: Biel’s hot body evolution

    “The biggest surprise to everyone was that it was such a small group and not star-studded,” notes the source of the destination wedding, where the few celebs in attendance included mega-producer Timbaland, Timberlake’s “D**k in a Box” costar Andy Samberg, Biel’s 7th Heaven pal Beverley Mitchell and music manager Johnny Wright. Pre-wedding festivities also included a beachfront bash (with fireworks!) at Cala Masciola and cultural activities, too.

    “Justin stayed with his family most of the time,” The source says. “They had a schedule of everything for guests to do throughout the weekend.”

    For her walk down the aisle, Biel, 30, wore a pink-and-white gown — reportedly designed by Giambattista Valli with a “princess-like silhouette” — which she changed out of for the reception.

    HOTOS: Jessica Biel’s prettiest white dresses

    Despite not feeling so hot, Timberlake pushed through to serenade his bride at the reception. “Justin performed one song at the wedding,” a source reveals. “It’s a new one that he hasn’t released yet. He dedicated it to Jessica.”

  • Why do they have to include that??? Ummmmmmmmmmmm He was sick? Was in a good mood. Okay? That’s nice… Weird and odd. Whatever…

  • Have you all seen the “wedding picture?” Ähm he the loser Timberwhore is jumping in the air and looks like a 15 year old boy while the Bielbitch sits infront of him in her pink dress lol So immature lol Is that a wedding picture? Well what can one expect of these two crazy people – and oh wonder oh wonder and what a pity for the Timberwhore: there is also a picture of Britney on the front page hahaha

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