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Monthly Archives: June 2012

when harry met sally writer dies

Justin being the warmhearted man that he is, tweeted today about the passing of film writer .

“R.I.P. Nora Ephron… Funny, charming, witty, full of heart, and one of the greatest who put it all down in timeless, quotable classics.”

Justin Timberlake’s ‘Runner Runner’ Workday

Hard at work on his latest movie endeavor, Justin Timberlake was spotted making his way around the Puerto Rican set of his latest film, “Runner, Runner” on Monday (June 25).

Justin kept his look casual on the tropical set in a navy button up and khaki trousers as he looked to ignore the shutterbugs while keeping a pretty serious face during filming.

SPL410327_001.jpg SPL410327_004.jpg SPL410327_011.jpg SPL410645_002.jpg

Movies > Runner Runner > filming runner runner in Puerto Rico on June 25, 2012

Speaking of current movie work, it looks like the “Sexy Back” singer may be bringing his good looks to the new movie adaptation of the hit 90’s show, “Baywatch.”

According to sources who spoke with Perez Hilton, if Justin were to be cast in the film, he would be playing a former Olympic swimmer who winds up trying to become a lifeguard.  Rumors have also been swirling that former “Baywatch” alums, Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff may also be making small cameos.

what are your thoughts on Baywatch?

So as you may have heard, Justin apparently is in the running for the lead male role in an upcoming Baywatch feature film. Many different blogs and critics have their own mindset about this, so what is yours? do you think it will be a bad career choice for Justin or do you think it could be funny.

I personally support all that Justin does, because even if the ratings are low it still is a learning experience at the end of the day and more practice at acting skills he may need for another project.

also, why wouldn’t you want to see Justin in nothing but board shorts for an hour and 40 minutes? leave your comments!

star magazine pictures

remember a few weeks ago I posted some pictures of Justin with then girlfriend…. well got some more for you!!! looking at pictures like these totally reminds me of my first boyfriend, I have so many good memories with him, but honestly If he were to become famous I would never cash in on him!

woj1~0.jpg woj2.jpg woj4.jpg woj5.jpg

Candid Pictures > childhood photos > star magazine exclusive

enjoy, and please credit woj if you use!!

mtv compares the lives of jtimb and the biebs

It’s hard to remember now, but there was a time a decade ago when Justin Timberlake elicited the same kind of screaming mobs of young girls that Justin Bieber does now. But these two pop icons have way more in common than just the same first name and the undying devotion of the ladies.Both have conquered the pop music universe in a massive way, sold millions of albums and helped fundamentally change what is considered appropriate material for young male singers.”I think .. the comparison is a huge honor,” Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, told MTV News about the numerous reviews comparing Bieber’s evolution and sound to Timberlake’s. “That is an iconic artist and someone who, when I was growing up, really set the tone for stars the same way Justin Bieber is for his generation … A compliment of that nature is something that we embrace, but at the same time I think it’s the easy comparison. I like to say things no one else will say: They’re both white and both their names are Justin. That’s the thing that everyone thinks but they won’t say out loud. And I think the two of them feel that way.”To celebrate the release this week of Bieber’s second full-length album, Believe, we thought we’d take a look at how the Justins’ careers stack up against each other.Sales: Though he’s only released two solo albums in his 10-year career outside of ‘NSYNC, Timberlake has hit it big both times, moving more than 10 million units of 2002’s Grammy-winning Justified and an equal number for 2006’s FutureSex/LoveSounds. Bieber busted out of the box in 2009 with the EP My World, which sold 3.2 million copies in the U.S. He followed with another EP, My World 2.0, which sold another 3.1 million copies in the U.S. His Christmas disc, Under the Mistletoe moved around 1.5 million and total world sales have put him in the 15 million range. But, given that Timberlake is semi-retired from music and Believe is expected to be one of the year’s best sellers, it won’t be long before the student should overtake the master. Advantage: Timberlake (for now)Social Media: Timberlake may have Bieber on sales at the moment, but nobody has leveraged social media more than the kid who got discovered on YouTube. Bieber’s social media numbers are gawdy: 23.6 million Twitter followers, 44.5 million Facebook likes, more than 2.9 billion YouTube views, including nearly 750 million for the video for his breakthrough single, “Baby” and another 321 million for “Never Say Never.” By contrast, Timberlake has staked out a smaller social media presence, amassing 12 million followers on Twitter, 16.1 million likes on Facebook and nearly 240 million YouTube views of his videos. Advantage: BieberBig-Screen Success: Bieber’s concert movie, “Never Say Never,” has taken its place as the highest-grossing concert movie of all-time with more than $73 million to date. While Bieber is expanding his movie palette with an upcoming debut dramatic role in a Mark Wahlberg basketball movie, Timberlake has already blazed a formidable trail in acting, which has become his primary focus. Counting animated films featuring his voice and such hits as “The Social Network” ($96 million), “Bad Teacher” ($100 million) and “Yogi Bear” ($100 million), Timberlake’s films have grossed nearly $450 million to date. Advantage: TimberlakeExpanding the Brand: While neither Justin has gone all-in on merchandising their name like some other pop stars (50 Cent, Jennifer Lopez), both have extended their brands in interesting ways. Bieber has released two perfumes (Girlfriend and Someday), a line of nail polish, a doll and a book. Timberland has a successful clothing line (William Rast), scents for men and women (Play for Him and Play for Her) a record label (Tennman Records), a golf course in his hometown of Memphis (Mirimichi), restaurant (Southern Hospitality) and a line of tequila (901).Advantage: TimberlakePrecociousness: Sure, Timberlake got there first thanks to his time on the Mickey Mouse Club and in ‘NSYNC, but he was an ancient 21 years old when he released his solo debut. Bieber is just 18 and is already on his fourth release, with a movie, books, several sold-out world tours under his belt and, like, Timberlake (Britney Spears), a very public romance with a fellow pop star (Selena Gomez). The comparisons will keep coming, but at the torrid pace he’s moving, Bieber is well on his way to eclipsing Timberlake by the time he’s old enough to drink. Your move, T. Advantage: Bieber

a little info about miramichi

He’s already conquered music, movies and fashion design, and now Justin Timberlake can add another bullet point to his resume: environmental golf course entrepreneur.In case you didn’t know, Timberlake owns Mirimichi, a golf course in his home state of Tennessee, and it’s one of the greenest in the country (the name is the Cherokee word for “a place of happy retreat”). Originally known as Big Creek, Timberlake played the course as a child. When the economy forced it out of business, Timberlake jumped at the chance to purchase and revamp it. When he bought it four years ago, he did so with eco-features in mind. “I was able to pose the question, ‘Is it possible for a golf course to actually be “green”?’,” he said. The answer to that is a resounding yes. Read on to discover 10 ways Mirimichi is an environmental gem.

paramount seeking justin for baywatch??

File this under Nice Try and Obvious Wishlist, because we predict this is never, ever gonna happen. But whatever….In case you forgot, a big-screen version of the hit TV show-turned-cultural-punchline, “Baywatch,” has been in development for a long time now. Way back in 2009 Jeremy Garelick (“The Hangover,” “The Break-Up”) was hired to write the script, and about a year later, Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka (“The Sitter”) were brought on to pen a new draft. And then we at some point after that, Peter Tolan (“Rescue Me,” “Analyze That”) was hired and a new script was delivered. And that’s about it; not much has been heard in a while except for last fall when Tolan said the movie is actually not based on the show and has parts for David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson. Huh?Long story short, this thing is still moving and Twitch now reports that Paramount wants Justin Timberlakefor the lead role of a disgraced Olympic swimmer who tries out for the Baywatch team. Good lord. Well of course they want him — he’s one of the hottest young actors around at the moment — but unless Timberlake and his management have been dropped on their head, there is no way they are going to let this guy, who counts David Fincher and the Coen Brothers among the directors he’s recently worked with, sign up for a pretty shitty-sounding TV reboot. And dangling Anderson and Hasselhoff isn’t exactly sweetening the pot.So yeah, this will never happen, but keep dreaming, Paramount. And sidenote: with all the movies the studio has been fixing/retooling/losing money on lately, they still think “Baywatch” is a wise investment? Yeesh….

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